Reggae, Craft and Art.

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Just outside the neighbourgoods market, the alley is brightened up by racks of clothing with colourful tribal prints, tye-dye shirts, beaded accessories and woven leather sandals. An all African style-section. You would swear the individuals behind the stalls were cut from the same cloth, and they were. They are a group of creative craftsmen, who share a sense of spirituality and appreciation for nature. To them, their work is more than just art. Their lives revolve around embodying the essence of the work they do, using recycled materials, keeping healthy, being peaceful and attuning themselves to forces larger than life.

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Top:Jaqhuline. Bottom: Jabulile ‘Yellow’ Bhengu

We walked up to Jahquline from RAGGAmuffin accessories collection, she let us scan her collection and admire her attention to detail. The earrings shaped as fortune cookies served me life! She explained how the core of her craft is in science, being a former BSc student herself. It was amazing to see how her pieces were inspired by so much of the world, and the depths she goes to create them. She encouraged us to be conscious of the world we live in, and know our self worth.

Literally, a step away was Jabulanie Bhengu’s stall he introduced himself as “Yellow”. He’s been on his journey for 22 years travelling through Africa, selling his craft. His creations had a language of their own, “sign language”, he calls it. He prides himself on creating pieces that speak for themselves.

We rounded up by talking to Mam’ Vicky. She sews traditional clothes that will have you SLAYING at any event! She has been doing this for a great many years and has passed the skill down to her granddaughter. She maintains full ownership of her business and encourages all aspiring artists to do the same.

I realized how much I enjoyed the vibes around there after talking to the faces behind this art, the team couldn’t stop taking pictures and were inspired to keep pushing their.

To all you artizens; remember own your aesthetic, and go forth and do great things.

Written by Kea Mooka

Photos by Sameera Soorjee Photography