From Nature, There Was Art.


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Art began with life. When the roots held themselves to the ground. When the leaf clung to the tree, and the tree dared to sprout to unwuthered heights. This was the art of life. This tree grew and commanded all of nature. When this tree moved, It gave a melodiousness to the air, and this air made the waters dance. Slushing and sliding together to the rhythms of day and night. This tree, seduced the water so, it couldn’t help but seep through its roots and find a home within its branches. And the ground? The soil gathered its strength to guard its gates so fearlessly.
The tree, was so powerful that if it rubbed its arms together it would start a fire. This tree… was much like art. Within it, lives love, passion, power and pain. It lives and dies, but exists in eternity.

Art lives within all of you.

Written by Kea Mooka

Photos by Sameera Soorjee Photography