7 Everyday Websites That All Creatives Should See.

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I spend at least half my time on the internet. And I’m not ashamed to say it because I am pretty sure that I’m not the only one. To make myself feel better about it though, I don’t spend all my time on 9gag, and Facebook, I have actually come across some websites that benefit my life in some way.
So here is a compilation of websites that have inspired, informed and bettered my internet-life:

  1. Buzzfeed: want to know whats happening in the world, without having to watch the news and dampening your mood? Well Buzzfeed is the place to do it. It has a collection of articles pertaining to things that are happening in the world. Things that will make you laugh, cry, question society and feel inspired.
  2. Open Culture: I am a huge fan of learning new things and building my knowledge base whenever I can. Open Culture is a website that has hundreds and thousands of free online courses in anything from Conversational French to Economics to 20th Century Modernist poetry- it’s your choice really.
  3. Digital Synopsis: This is probably my favourite on the list, because it has a little bit of everything and it is often the most inspiring. Featuring many inspirational advertising and design campaigns, Digital Synopsis is always a great spark for creativity and design. It is also a great way to see how the creative world is functioning commercially.
  4. Creative Bloq: This one is mainly targeted at those interested and or involved in the design industry. It is the mother of all design websites. With fonts and graphic tools, tips on photo shop and logo design, it is a website that caters to everyone from the professional designer to the average Joe wanting to make his blog look amazing.
  5. Pinterest: Do I even need to say anything about Pinterest? And question: Am I the only one who has a Pinterest board dedicated to mason jars?
  6. Hit Record: This amazing gem of a collaborative space, is a place for anyone who is a creative and willing to share their work with the world. And the best part is, if you have a great eye for art but you cannot create your own, it gives you the opportunity to curate a collaborative project. It was created by everyone’s favourite hottie… by hottie I mean Joseph Gordon Levitt. He is proof that extremely talented people can also be extremely good looking… but I digress.
  7. Deviant Art: For the visual artists who want to share their work on the internet, This website allows you to create an account on which you can post your work, write about your work and see what other artists are doing.

So those are seven websites that I use to spark my creativity and influence my life for the better. I’m sure that there are many more places on the internet where artists can thrive, but these are the ones that have made it onto my radar.
I guess this is just proof that the internet is a fantastic way to stay inspired and to keep creating.
Written By Nomsa Fakude 
Photography By Sameera Soorjee Photography