6 Strings: My Secret Skill.

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I think that of all the art forms, music is probably the one that comes to us most intuitively. I say this because most of our lives are led in a rhythmic way. We do everything we do in beats and pulses and the way we move, feel and think is governed by a certain rhythm. On a personal level I don’t think that I could ever go a whole day without music. I find myself humming more often than not- often to the detriment of my family members- and sometimes I’ll even sing out loud- to the detriment of my neighbours.

I started playing guitar when I was 13 but didn’t take it seriously until about two years ago. I think it’s quite strange that I have become so attached to what is essentially a piece of wood. Pablo- that’s his name- has become such a big part of how I define what I do, that it’s actually quite crazy. I mean, I am not your typical brooding musician: walking around somberly looking for a musical muse. But I must say that music is always somewhere in the back of my mind.

I have just recently started becoming more comfortable with my playing and I play more often in front of people than I used to. I think this is another beautiful thing about music, is that you can share it with those around you and they really don’t have to know anything about music in order to enjoy it. Most people don’t know that I play guitar and I think it’s great that every so often I can surprise people with a secret skill that they didn’t expect. What’s even more satisfying is that guitar was so easy to learn, so really I’m just taking credit for being dedicated and practicing.

The best feeling is probably the excitement that you feel when you can finally add a new song to your repertoire. I become such a nerd about music when I can find famous classical pieces that have been arranged for guitar. I genuinely get excited and for some time I will practice unceasingly until I manage to get it just right. It’s such a fulfilling process.

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People always think of learning a new instrument as a daunting idea, which it is, but I think when you start realizing just how fulfilling it is you don’t want to stop. I literally taught myself everything I know from a book, and picking up some skills from other guitar players along the way. I get more inspired everyday to just learn more and become a better player. I think Pablo would probably appreciate that… Yes; I speak about my guitar as if he were an actual human being.

Written By Nomsa Fakude

Photography by Sameera Soorjee Photography.