The Visage of Thought: Part 7 (Finale)

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It Dawned On Me

These locks landed in front of my face. They blurred the path in front of me. Till suddenly I saw a light in front of me, uncovering the browns and gold of my skin, as though I was peeling off the dark this world had laid on me. It was my dawn.

I had to scream, and look at these hands, the hands that helped hold up my smile. Till a hand from the sky chose me and let me be free. I had no fear of flight risks and I let it dawn on me. The visage of my thoughts, sought after dark souls who needed to see that they are gold.

Don’t drown in those sorrows and woes. Hold on to your soul, dig deep enough until you find gold.

You are golden.

Prose by Kea Mooka

Photo by Sameera Soorjee Photography