The Lame Changers.

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‘We’re disco biscuits!’. Disco biscuits? ‘Yeah, disco biscuits, we went dancing at Kitchener’s one afternoon and we couldn’t get off the dance floor, so this lady came to us and said, oh you’re such disco biscuits, we loved it’.

That’s the blast of energy you experience when you’re around this dynamic duo. Vloggers, Natalie Paneng  and Hannah van Tonder the creatives behind Lame Changers.

‘We started Lame Changers just to document what  we like to do, the music we listen to, the places we like to go. We don’t always have popular taste, so we wanted to put what we like out there. Just to encourage people to do the same, that it’s okay to like what you like. We’re okay with being lame.’

‘This year we’re just solidifying Lame Changers. We’re creatives with something behind us. We are creative enough to open a world that is know, but isn’t known. What we do is different, and we want to show the greatness in what we’re doing.’

That’s the kind of artistic expression that drives the incredibly talented ‘disco biscuits’, defining and creating art as they know it.


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Written by Kea Mooka



Black Flower.


I was having a conversation with her, and it all came to light, an epiphany, a revelation my third eye opened to a sight.

In the mind of my metaphors. I saw a red rose and a yellow lily bloom in the sunlight. They stood in their magnificent nature of god, created to exist.

I asked her, what if a red rose decided that it hated its red and its rose. Its red and its rose are the ingredients of its soul.

Yet, it chooses to dress in the petals of a yellow lily; its phenomena now hidden from the light.

The red rose would never truly exist. It’s now a yellow rose with a lost soul.

She was content with that, comfortable in a world where her red rose natural is not enough, and forbid it ever breathe light. The lie becomes a truth and the truth becomes a preference.

I told her, I stripped the yellow petals off of me. my red rose petals breathed in the light, and for the first time i saw beauty, power and talent, oh my what an incredible sight.

My colour red, not yellow is enough for me. When I stand I become the light. I am ready for war.

To her, be like the red rose who found light in the red and the rose.

Poetry by Fezeka Mkhabela

Sidewalk Sessions with Kelly Grevler


On a Sunday Afternoon in Maboneng, Johannesburg. The sidewalk is filled with colorful chairs and happy faces. Kelly Grevler and her students strum away on their guitars and we witness the making of the next generation creatives.

This is the Sidewalk Sessions, a non profit organization she started three years ago, with the  initiative to give the children in the community guitar lessons for free. She has received support from the community, and has received 25 donated guitars since she started. Kelly usually takes on eight students at a time, and encourages good behaviour by allowing well behaved students to take a guitar home for practice.

Sidewalk sessions is a great sight to come across, bringing the next generation together through art.


Written by Kea Mooka

Classical Arthur



Arthur Seemee has been a violinist for 12 years, he strums through Johannesburg serenading us with the strings of his violin. When you come across him you can’t help but stop and listen, and that is the sentiment that keeps him going. ‘My best moments are when I play in front of so many people and get positive energy back from the audience’.

Arthur encourages upcoming musicians to pursue their passion, ‘Nothing comes easy but anything is possible, take time to perfect your craft’.

Check out this exclusive video of Arthur. Arthur Seemee on the violin.

Photography by Kea Mooka

Behind the Red Door with Tiisetso


On a luxe Blue Train, Tiisetso Maoke lays her art out on display, she’s created her own wonderland and invites us behind the scenes of Red Door Art.  She is a narrative, visual artist, a writer and a poet. 

Her wonderland is inspired by the notion that ‘we should never be hesitant to keep our dreams alight or live them using what you have’. She truly belives in the idea bringing your imagination to life, she creates with a passion to connect the fantastical to the real world.  ‘These dreamy ventures and journeys we take, fuel our imagination to create all these creative products, and through them we remind people to see the world differently’.

‘I always have a desire to learn something new, or to do things that really scare me’, she explains.

Her painting, ‘The Beautiful Marigold’ tells a story of a woman standing in front of a mirror in an elegant red dress, in reflection of how far she has come in life, how at the end of the day it is herself she has to face; not her possessions or the people around her.

Another piece, the ‘Queen Of Hearts’ tells the story of Vala Welsh a queen born in oppressive times, the queen dedicates her life to trying to embody Christ’s gene, to possess passion, compassion and perfected faith. 

Tiisetso reminds us that you can indeed, bring your fantasy to life through art.


The Beautiful Marigold



Queen of Hearts


Written by Kea Mooka
Photography by Neo Lerutla