The Lame Changers.

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‘We’re disco biscuits!’. Disco biscuits? ‘Yeah, disco biscuits, we went dancing at Kitchener’s one afternoon and we couldn’t get off the dance floor, so this lady came to us and said, oh you’re such disco biscuits, we loved it’.

That’s the blast of energy you experience when you’re around this dynamic duo. Vloggers, Natalie Paneng  and Hannah van Tonder the creatives behind Lame Changers.

‘We started Lame Changers just to document what  we like to do, the music we listen to, the places we like to go. We don’t always have popular taste, so we wanted to put what we like out there. Just to encourage people to do the same, that it’s okay to like what you like. We’re okay with being lame.’

‘This year we’re just solidifying Lame Changers. We’re creatives with something behind us. We are creative enough to open a world that is know, but isn’t known. What we do is different, and we want to show the greatness in what we’re doing.’

That’s the kind of artistic expression that drives the incredibly talented ‘disco biscuits’, defining and creating art as they know it.


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Written by Kea Mooka