Paragon Art.

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You don’t have to look for the art, the art finds you, at least Paragon Art does. We came across the coolest contemporary african fine art, and got to know the creative mind behind Paragon Fine ArtLevoy Dlamini is a painter, sculptor, skater and all round visual artist. His creative expression flows through his pencil to paper, from paint to canvas, creating artworks that speak beyond the image and exude life.

“Paragon Art, is the work, it’s the highest from of quality, aesthetic, functionality, and process.” He finds inspiration in himself, family, friends and a close observation of the world around him.”What inspires me really is the love, I love art, i think if you want to do something you have to love it first, that’s my driving force.”

His creative process includes drawing from photographs, pictures in magazines and a touch of his own imagination, which add to expressing his own abstract ideas and creating meaning through that.

“I have evolved myself, i used to draw in pencil only , so i thought i would start drawing in pen too because I wanted to progress.”

What’s next for Paragon Art? “It’s headed in the direction of getting involved, in all art forms and production as a whole, based on the artist lifestyle.”

We will be on the look out for more of Paragon Fine Art, and more Artizens doing great things.


Left: Portrait of Konchipa – pen, white acrylic, charcoal and pencil on paper.

Right: Portrait of  Dr Phillip Tabane  – Pen and pencil on canvas

Center: Portrait of Mapule Maggie Mqwathi – mix media on paper.

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Check out a video of out time with with Levoy here, Levoy Dlamini on Paragon Art

Written by Kea Mooka