3G the Youngbee.


Meet 3G, the young upcoming Hip hop and Rnb artist, whose latest single ‘Yoga‘ should literally be the anthem at any yoga class out there. The diversity and energy fused in his style of music is truly refreshing. 3G explains where his passion for music comes from, “I am motivated by struggle, I had to be my own responsibility at a young age, I had to hustle for myself.”

Music has always been a part of his life, but he made the decision to pursue it professionally four years ago.”Music is emotional for me, I want to leave a legacy, and give the world the best in music.”

The hustle and hard work has definitely set him in the right direction, he just recently got signed to SACUA music group, “I’m really excited for that journey, stay tuned for what’s next.”

3G was recently on tucradio, check out a video of his time in studio here 3G on tucradio.

Written by Kea Mooka