Jax on the Move.


On any given day, you are bound to run into  Jackson ‘Jax’ Mabapa busting a move on the city streets or on a big stage,  sometimes even on our television screens next to the biggest names in South African music.

Where ever he is, he is moving not only to the rhythm of the beat, but with a purpose, that’s purely fuelled by a passion for dance.

We caught up with Jackson, a Krumper who started dancing at only 8 years old. ‘I would see people dance on tv and in videos and I loved it,  so I decided to teach myself how to dance.’

‘What really motivated me to dance is the passion and love for this art form, I mean I’ve never been a good athlete so when I discovered that I can actually dance, I told my self that this a talent that I have and I’ll flourish with it.’

‘Performing for people and seeing thier reaction and hype towards what I do…keeps me doing what I love and the competitions are very exciting for me.’

Some of his biggest achievements are opening up for a big artist, competing in tv shows such as Turn up and dance and Jika Majika. He has aslo shot a music video with Fifi Cooper featuring Emtee for the song Kuze Kose.

Watch Jackson on Kuze Kose – Fifi Cooper ft Emtee

‘Right now I’m trying learn different dance styles and compete all over the world. I want to learn and come back and teach kids how to dance, so we can have more people dancing and embracing the art form.’

We will definitely follow this creative on the move, as he takes his passion for dance to the world.

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Written by Kea Mooka