Finding the gift with Neo.


The minute she walks into the room the  mood lightens. Her glistering smile, poise and elegance command attention. She truly lives up to her name which means “gift” and we were fortunate enough to be gifted with the chance to get to know Neo Tutu, the reigning Miss South Point.

What inspired Neo to take on Miss South Point? “I feel like God blesses us equally but different, my gift happens to being good at modelling and pageants, I like the idea of these platforms enabling me to bring change and influence society.”

Neo is currently studying to become a pilot, and does modeling and hosting to raise funds for her aviation studies. She flies high, quite literally but also serves to remind us to reach for the skies. “In 5 years time I could see myself as the best pilot in Africa, a reigning Miss South Africa and an entrepreneur. If it’s God’s will.”

“I would like young people to realize the power they have to change things around them. Self doubt and a lack of determination kills dreams. We need to learn to preserve, find yourself a mentor and make your dreams a reality.”

Find the gift in you.


Written by Kea Mooka

Keep It Fit!


As Autumn settles in and heralds winter, we find ourselves wanting to hibernate. We lock ourselves in and find ourselves not only binge watching our favourite series but also binging on warm winter carbs.

But we won’t let you off that easily; here are 5 reasons to keep fit in winter.

1) It will be fun! Really,  If you find an activity you love, that doesn’t scream exercise you’re more likely to stick it through.

2) Excersing will keep you warm, nothing generates body heat quiet like breaking a sweat.

3) Working out improves your immune system. You are less likely to fall sick and catch the winter cold if you strengthen your immune system.

4) You’ll combat the winter blues, exercising is one of the best way to improve your mood so load up on happiness.

5) You’ll look great come bikini season. If you look good,  you’ll feel good.  Ultimately boosting your confidence.

So put on your running shoes and get fit this winter!

Check out our Keeping it Fit video here -> Keeping it Fit with Adidas.

Written by Kea Mooka

Zeeko Unplugged.


When talent meets hard work, legends are made. We had the pleasure to meet one legend in the making, Steve Zeeko a rapper and musician based in Joburg whose storytelling ability is the essence of artistry. 

He explains how his journey in music began, ‘I started rapping around year 2000, back then it was just copying already established musicians’ lyrics and trying to mimic it because I enjoyed so much. I then slowing started writing my own lyrics and I got better at it. I took influence from the best Mcs’.

‘I am motivated by everything that happens around me, my songs are a reflection of my surroundings. On Dreamville compilation I have songs like “Breakup part 2” and “Dear lizzy” which are based on actual events that happened in my life.’

Zeeko’s music has given him the opportunity to travel around the country, performing in places like Cape town and Mpumalanga among many. His singles have featured on Yfm, Urban Culture Radio, Kasie fm and Vut fm.

For Zeeko, music is his form of release, and he is driven to be the most respected and most sucessful lyricist of his generation.

Keep a look out for his most recent project called Dreamville Compilation. ‘I wana reach every single person I can with this project. I am thankful to have a great team behind me Unplugd Entertainment, that pushes with me.’

Listen to Zeeko’s latest music here Zeeko Unplug’d Entertainment

Follow Zeeko on:

Facebook: Zeeko
Twitter: @stevezeeko
IG: stevezeeko

For bookings contact:

Thabo Radebe
082 812 2465.



Written by Kea Mooka

M Studio Community.


February birthed a perfect love story to the capital city, one that brought art to the ever-so-busy Church Street. MB Studio Community opened its doors to the capital city on the 2nd of February and the love between the space has been tight ever since.

I had the pleasure of meeting one of the founders, Sarah McGee, who was equally as overwhelmed by they welcome they received from Pretorians. The space quickly became an oasis for both art lovers and artists, their artwork; something out of the ordinary yet calming to the fast paced city.

The gallery offers itself as a home for up and coming artists to have their art exhibited to the masses, and their work impacting more than just wallets. In just two months, there has been an opening that gave local artists a platform to shine in their own light, and share a piece of their souls with the audience. One of the movements partnered with the gallery is Poetoria, an art showcase by Nsuku Gin Maguvhe, hosted once a month on a Friday night.

MB Studio Community hosts monthly exhibitions, their recent one was of their resident artist, Michael Tshepo Selekane, which was held during March. The artwork from the exhibition, themed Migration, told a fitting tale of the gallery and the artist, I believe, leading to the capital being their new home.

Follow MB Studio Community on:

IG: mb_studio_community
Facebook: MB Studio Community





Written by Mel Mooka