Zeeko Unplugged.


When talent meets hard work, legends are made. We had the pleasure to meet one legend in the making, Steve Zeeko a rapper and musician based in Joburg whose storytelling ability is the essence of artistry. 

He explains how his journey in music began, ‘I started rapping around year 2000, back then it was just copying already established musicians’ lyrics and trying to mimic it because I enjoyed so much. I then slowing started writing my own lyrics and I got better at it. I took influence from the best Mcs’.

‘I am motivated by everything that happens around me, my songs are a reflection of my surroundings. On Dreamville compilation I have songs like “Breakup part 2” and “Dear lizzy” which are based on actual events that happened in my life.’

Zeeko’s music has given him the opportunity to travel around the country, performing in places like Cape town and Mpumalanga among many. His singles have featured on Yfm, Urban Culture Radio, Kasie fm and Vut fm.

For Zeeko, music is his form of release, and he is driven to be the most respected and most sucessful lyricist of his generation.

Keep a look out for his most recent project called Dreamville Compilation. ‘I wana reach every single person I can with this project. I am thankful to have a great team behind me Unplugd Entertainment, that pushes with me.’

Listen to Zeeko’s latest music here Zeeko Unplug’d Entertainment

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Thabo Radebe
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Written by Kea Mooka