Keep It Fit!


As Autumn settles in and heralds winter, we find ourselves wanting to hibernate. We lock ourselves in and find ourselves not only binge watching our favourite series but also binging on warm winter carbs.

But we won’t let you off that easily; here are 5 reasons to keep fit in winter.

1) It will be fun! Really,  If you find an activity you love, that doesn’t scream exercise you’re more likely to stick it through.

2) Excersing will keep you warm, nothing generates body heat quiet like breaking a sweat.

3) Working out improves your immune system. You are less likely to fall sick and catch the winter cold if you strengthen your immune system.

4) You’ll combat the winter blues, exercising is one of the best way to improve your mood so load up on happiness.

5) You’ll look great come bikini season. If you look good,  you’ll feel good.  Ultimately boosting your confidence.

So put on your running shoes and get fit this winter!

Check out our Keeping it Fit video here -> Keeping it Fit with Adidas.

Written by Kea Mooka