Finding the gift with Neo.


The minute she walks into the room the  mood lightens. Her glistering smile, poise and elegance command attention. She truly lives up to her name which means “gift” and we were fortunate enough to be gifted with the chance to get to know Neo Tutu, the reigning Miss South Point.

What inspired Neo to take on Miss South Point? “I feel like God blesses us equally but different, my gift happens to being good at modelling and pageants, I like the idea of these platforms enabling me to bring change and influence society.”

Neo is currently studying to become a pilot, and does modeling and hosting to raise funds for her aviation studies. She flies high, quite literally but also serves to remind us to reach for the skies. “In 5 years time I could see myself as the best pilot in Africa, a reigning Miss South Africa and an entrepreneur. If it’s God’s will.”

“I would like young people to realize the power they have to change things around them. Self doubt and a lack of determination kills dreams. We need to learn to preserve, find yourself a mentor and make your dreams a reality.”

Find the gift in you.


Written by Kea Mooka