Wife Material?


Wife Material, The Parody.

Wife Material? It’s Denim surely, resistant, resilient, easy for the day to day on the go. Or Silk, it’s soft and smooth. Cotton? It’s comfortable, easy, classic and basic. Or Lace, you need a little bit of edge.

Wife Material, is all the materials in one. A  woman must switch between all of these in one day, with a broom in one hand a book in the other, and a baby on her back. Juggling all her life, trying to keep all the balls in the air and never ever be worn out.

How to be wife material, In an African setting;

Being wife material, means mastering the art of vryfing the heck out of grandma’s stoep. Knowing the perfect timing to offer tea. Always laughing at the uncle’s jokes. Taking to task the peeling of veggies at family gatherings without having to be asked. It is making sure that your man always gets the biggest piece of meat, and most importantly never ever sleeping in tights.

Are you Wife Material?

Written by Kea Mooka





We are chosen. We move through city streets, tag the walls with our speech, can they hear us speak? We are the art, the street,  the culture don’t they know they cant steal the passion.

The hustle is embedded in our bones, our souls are driven by the soil from which we rose. Motivated by fists thrown in the air, we will be free. The sidewalks are our homes, the world our canvas and we paint pictures of life. We are the fighters, we will occupy what must fall. We are the verve, the light, unpack yourself and find the gold.

The rap is the generational soundtrack, we are warriors of words. The  Artizens, creators of truth, hope and joy. We are the document of freedom. So ask yourself, what is your legacy?

Reach your hand out and speak.

By Kea Mooka

Ballet with Ruan.

ruan copy.jpg

Ruan Galdino is a classical ballerino from Brazil, who is currently in Johannesburg dancing with the Joburg Ballet. We had the pleasure of shooting with him, and witnessing his incredible passion for dance and life. He is a true world class Artizen.

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Written by Kea Mooka




Re Basadi


We were launched into a feminine conversation, when we came across a creative young woman on a mission to run the world. Tebatso Molapo, a photographer, Film and Televison student at Wits and the Founder of Re Basadi, which means ‘we are women’. The name alone is enough to motivate you to slay your life. It is an affirmation of womanhood.

What motivated Tebatso to start Re Basadi? “Re Basadi, the idea sparked when I noticed a gap within my home town. Too many of the local brands were owned by guys, and I questioned why we as women couldn’t establish our own, and put ourselves out there. I realized a lack of motivation, then I decided d to start Re Basadi. I intended for it to be a platform  where women can just come together, share ideas and support each other.”

Her strongest passion is to motivate women, and address women’s issues. ” I believe in financial freedom and I believe that is something that every woman should have. I strive to get women involved, and give them a platform to grow themselves.”

Tebatso embraces the fact that we were born for a bigger purpose, and her dream is to fulfill her purpose, pursuing a journey to success for herself and everyone around her.

Re Basadi currently has two projects running, the first is called “A Part of Me”, a pad campaign run by Relebohile Majoro. The second is a called “Dress-A-Girl”‘ which is run by Charlon Mpuse. All of which are efforts to better the lives on young women in her community.

“I see Re Basadi having dominating South Africa, and other Southern African Countries, the goal is to partner with  women led organisations in the near future”

The Re Basadi movement is a truly inspirational movement, Tebatso reminds us that “Dreams can only be  achieved if you’re willing to work hard on them.”

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Written by Kea Mooka

The Pursuit of Purpose.


Along a lonely journey, in a distant path with the end is nowhere in sight. Forward.

The silhouette of my fellow man follows behind me and i wonder if we see the same. Did they hear the gentle melody of the wind sing, ‘hush my dear’?

Did they feel the ground hold still for me, Did they feel the sun warm skin. Did they stand in front of a giant mother tree that cast a shadow to shelter me. I looked around me and saw nature that never faltered in its ways, I saw a sense of purpose.

Keep faith in sight and fulfill your purpose.

Prose by Kea Mooka