Wife Material?


Wife Material, The Parody.

Wife Material? It’s Denim surely, resistant, resilient, easy for the day to day on the go. Or Silk, it’s soft and smooth. Cotton? It’s comfortable, easy, classic and basic. Or Lace, you need a little bit of edge.

Wife Material, is all the materials in one. A  woman must switch between all of these in one day, with a broom in one hand a book in the other, and a baby on her back. Juggling all her life, trying to keep all the balls in the air and never ever be worn out.

How to be wife material, In an African setting;

Being wife material, means mastering the art of vryfing the heck out of grandma’s stoep. Knowing the perfect timing to offer tea. Always laughing at the uncle’s jokes. Taking to task the peeling of veggies at family gatherings without having to be asked. It is making sure that your man always gets the biggest piece of meat, and most importantly never ever sleeping in tights.

Are you Wife Material?

Written by Kea Mooka