Every single strand of thread counts, like each day of our lives, each moment and each breath. When we’re placed on this earth the hour glass turns over, time starts ticking and the thread of life begins.

We’re all spinning and moving in different directions. Imagine the many different places in which we exist in, the many different languages that express the same feelings differently. Our purpose in life is to unravel ourselves, find and become who we are meant to be.

A single strand is weak, but the more you add the stronger the thread becomes, This is the metaphor of life.

We’re each given a time on this earth, you never know when your thread might run out. Allow whatever rings most true to your purpose to manifest, make the best of each day.




Let’s Play!


In our daily lives we find ourselves swamped with work, but in between the hustle and bustle, don’t forget to play. It could be anything from your outdoor sports to your classic board game. In our formative days, we lived for the thrill of waking up in the morning to go outside and play our favorite games with friends. It keeps you healthy whether it’s a physical or mental game, and it’s fun.

Here’s a throwback to the childhood games that we used to play and how they actually improved us.

  1. Legusha: This challenged you physically to push yourself to reach new heights.Having to leap to whichever height was put before you sharpened your concentration.
  2. Di Tin: The childhood game we used to play by stacking old tins and using a tennis ball to your target and knock over the tins. This teaches you how to focus, and learn the importance of teamwork to actually win the game.
  3. Concentration: The game literally defines itself it teaches concentration, to win you have to concentrate and not get thrown off.
  4. Hand Clap Games: These were purely for entertainment. The game itself was pure storytelling. You learn how to have rhythm and catch on to patterns. The thought of coming up with new songs while remembering hand gestures that go with it.

Playing is an expression of creativity, the mental play that goes into analyzing the situation, engaging and reflecting is essential to growing your mind. So remember to play.

In Touch with Tam Music.


Her single’s Mystery Man and Stand Down are at the top of my playlist and may well be the theme songs to my life. I’m talking about the super talented singer and songwriter Tam. Her music style is a fusion of  R&B and Jazz, she also plays the guitar, piano, bass and drums. She is a band on her own and may well be a musical genius.

Her music is a reflection of her sparkling personality, a perfect blend of sassy and classy that will surely keep you entertained on and off stage. In between gushing over our love for music and dance, I got to know a little more about Tam journey and career as a musician. So when did she realize that music is her true passion? “It all started with a video of Whitney Houston performing the national anthem at the super bowl, listening to her perform live made me want to make music and inspire people to feel and think about life. I wanted to make people feel the way I did when first heard that performance”

How did it all begin begin? “I’ve been making music for as long as I can remember. It’s always been a part of my life.” Her biggest achievements thus far include, getting a gig on YOTV on SABC 1, the biggest national Tv channel  in South Africa, and a successful release of her previous mixtape “Rebirth” which is currently playing on
Power Global Radio & HB Radio Live which are radio stations based in the USA..

What is your music style and how did you come to find it? “My style is a fusion of R&B and some jazz elements. I love this style because I express myself best through this style. I can make a statement and also just have fun with making music.”

What’s next for Tam as an artist? “My new mixtape is due for release on the 6th of august. It’s a huge change for me as an artist and as a person, lots of growth coming.”

What would you say to aspiring musicians? “Do what makes you happy and don’t listen to anyone who says you can’t do it. If someone else out there did it before you so can you. That thought always keeps me going.”

We are truly honored to have gotten a glimpse into a day in the life of Tam, keep a look out for her rising star.

Tam 1.jpg


Check out this video of our time with Tam   -> Behind Tam Music

Written by Kea Mooka

5 ways to become a successful entrepreneur.


Entrepreneurship is being able to profit from what you are passionate about. Entrepreneurship is fueled by creativity. In the arts, you have to be super savvy when selling your cool. Here are 5 ways to becoming a successful entrepreneur:

1. Live your business. Love your business. This means loving what you do, and living it. You are more likely to succeed by doing what you really enjoy.

2. Find your niche. You have to first find out what sets you apart from similar businesses. What you have to offer that no one else does. Making that distinction makes it easier to find your identifier in business.

3. Plan. Planning is a sign that you take what you do seriously, think through every decision you make to ensure that it sets you into the right path for your business. Know what you want your next move to be and you might find that you’ll create something even better.

4. Manage your money. Money is the lifeline of the business, pay attention to your finances from the word go. Once you start ensure that you keep the cash flowing. Manage your Income and expenses, and do not spend money that you do not have, debts are the pitfalls of any business.

5. Keep you clients and customers happy. Ensure that the customer and clients are always happy with your goods or services. Aim to build long term working relationships with them

So keep these savvy entrepreneurial tips in mind as you venture out into the business world. There will be many challenges along the way, but be flexible, allow change and growth to manifest and your business is bound to be a success.


Sneaker Head.

sneakerhead 2

We all have a pair of sneakers lying around somewhere in the closet, but for some sneakers are not just a pair of shoes, it’s an art and lifestyle. We’re talking about sneaker heads, We caught up with Sibusiso Khumalo to get a little insight on sneaker culture. He is a creative, and a self proclaimed sneaker lover and collector.

So what is sneaker culture? “It’s a love for sneakers that is beyond love, it’s a culture. For me it means not only getting sneakers, but also trying to find out more and more about sneakers too. I only have like 8 pairs of sneakers right now, I’m still growing my collection.”

What should you look at when you buy a pair of sneakers? “I look at the material, the color combination it matters, also  look at the history of the shoe. Every shoe you see on the shelf  has its own a history that makes you want to grab it and buy it, also just simply know what you are looking for.”

Some advice from Sibusiso to buyers looking to collect sneakers. “If you’re hunting for kicks don’t be desperate, don’t rush your collection look for something that fits you well, look for something that’s eye catching and most importantly something that you understand.”

So there you have it, if you’re looking to get into sneaker culture, take notes and live the art.


Watch this awesome video of Sibusiso explaining Sneaker Culture -> Sneaker Culture with Sibusiso Khumalo.



Money and Art.


When you realize that you have a passion, you go all out in full force to pursue that passion. If that passion happens to be art, you go all out even more so, to find that it’s not as easy as it looks. The dream of filling up concert stadiums, galleries, theaters or selling out all your records and have your face all over billboards across the world is not as easy as it looks. It’s ten times harder to find your way, more especially FUND your way. That’s the story of the up and coming artist.

The truth about money and art?

It’s a shared struggle, if you’ve meet a lot of up and coming entertainers and  artists they’ll tell you the same thing. People don’t want to pay, their talent is exploited. Artists are very vulnerable in business especially, independent up and coming artists without representation and chances are if you are under an agency most of the time you loose ownership of your art.

“I grew tired of open mic hopping, the thrill and the applause was everything, but the struggle off stage was the reality I had to face after.” – Musician

“I find that most of the time people think that your services are negotiable, people need to realize that art is not your thrift store, it’s serious business like any other. I don’t think you’d go to pick n pay and say hey, do you think I could get 10% off? No.” – Photographer

Exposure does not pay the bills, of course you need it to reach the masses as an artists, but artists need to eat too. If you’re an artists trying to fund their way, know that your work is valuable, and you deserve to make money off your craft, just push through and do all you can to make sure people realize your worth. Keep up the art work!


Train Hopping.


In the midst of all the commotion, between life’s hustle and bustle you’ll find regular folk numbed to life’s thrill, living with repressed feelings in need of healing, they move but live unmoved. As for me, I found my high.

The train choo-choo’s in, the sound sends chills through my spine. I ready myself, jump off of the platform and onto the side of the track, my feet crunch into the concrete. I wait for it to move, i walk slowly beside it as though I’m giving it a head start. I wait for it to move faster till it looks impossible catch, then I run and run like my life depends on it, my heart beats faster, it gains speed.

I run faster and faster, hold onto the railing and jump onto the train and off again, run again allowing it to push me to run faster. I jump back in, and catch my breath from the victory. In that moment It’s a levitation, where there are no limitations to what truly lives inside.

Written by Kea Mooka

What’s your superpower?


Your superpower? It’s what makes you, you. We all have something about us that cannot be found anywhere else. A divinity in us that is definitive to our being. A superpower is not limited to the Guinness book of world records. It could be anything from photographic memory, or the ability to make people open up, because everyday heroes are superhero’s.

Challenge yourself to know your superpower, believe it, own it and most importantly grow it. Become a real life superhero.


Mr BlaqNWhyte.


Maneuvering through the streets guerrilla style, we come across a police car parked on the side of the road, Thuli jumps in front of the car and says, “I want a picture right here”. The fearlessness rushed through us all and that’s when we got to know Thuli Lawrence Jadezweni from BlaqNWhyte Pictures,  a digital media designer, a jack of all trades on all things media.

What lies beneath his art and reveals his true essence is where he found his influence, “Growing up I learnt to appreciate my surroundings more than most people, which I think helped me gain the skill of envisioning multiple possibilities in any given situation, this enhanced my storytelling ability”. This is reflected in his dynamic style of editing and his ability to fuse different styles to make an almost abstract image or video.

His passion for filmmaking only came to life when he went to varsity, and decided to study Multimedia.”What keeps me going is the friends I’ve made along the way, and the people who watch my videos in awe of my work. My work comes to life through their eyes and that’s what keeps me going, it’s refreshing!”

In between the art life and rolling the coolest creative minds, what’s the highlight of his career? “The highlight of my career so far has been  my work on a short documentary film called Boundless Society. It explores the complexities and perceptions of modern day contemporary art in Johannesburg, myself included”.

What’s next for Thuli? “Well, my next step is to grow my craft as a video editor, I enjoy designing, photography and basically explore all the other skills I have. My goal right now is to create videos that are art based through the dynamic nature of my editing and storytelling in that respect. I want the viewer to truly experience what I did when I did and I’m not afraid to show the discomfort, that’s the art!”

lawrencearticle3 2.jpg

Check out this cool video of Mr BlaqNwhyte here -> A glimpse of BlaqNWhyte

Written by Kea Mooka


Be it!


Whether it’s running through the streets singing your favorite song out loud, or jumping on stage and calling everyone to stand at attention, or even dying your hair a bright sky blue. Hey, it’s okay, express yourself. The essence of life is to push yourself beyond the boundaries of normality, because nothing new or cool was ever created without a little disorder. This is just to say that we acknowledge your creativity.

You get to realize that the crazier your ideas seem, the more reason you ought to try it, so go out there and be free, be bold, be creative!