Sharpen your Fine Art.


Do you ever stare in awe at a Picasso, or a Frida Kahlo painting and wonder how such fine art came to life. Well part of the genius of it is skill, we mean taking it back to the  essence of the craft. Here are a few basic tips on drawing and painting.

  1. “To improve your drawing skills, you can simply go back to simply tracing on paper, it really helps with getting used to the pencil and the act of drawing”.- Tiisetso Maoke.
  2.  Once you learn how to grip the pencil and know how to draw crisp clean lines, loosen up. Loosen your grip and repeat drawing on the same lines to add texture.
  3. Practice, drawing is a skill and the more often you do it, the better you become, the more freedom you have to add abstract ideas to your observations.
  4. Knowing the basics of drawing you can move on to “Painting is a matter of knowing your primary colors and mixing them to create good shades”. -Tiisetso Maoke
  5. When painting, always try and consider different type of brush strokes that work for the different shapes you’re trying to create.

Remember that painting and drawing are skills that can be learnt. So go on and perfect the basics, once you do, unlock your imagination and break all the basic rules to sharpen your fine art.