Cut Me Loose!


The idea of fearlessness, of affirming  your own power? That’s a Liberty the concrete jungle cannot afford, don’t you know how much we spent to build these walls?  Are you sure you want it anyway, I mean you have to actually fight for it. You have to fight what’s already set in stone, you have to have the courage to go for the unknown, and we don’t take kind to your kind who think you can waltz in and demand your soul we worked so hard for and stole, so no. – The System

What does Freedom mean to our generation, what does it mean to take your freedom and unshackle yourself from the system?

“Firstly Freedom is subjective; todays generation defines freedom as entering into white space. For me, freedom surpasses the physical barrier it means being able to tap into your inner being and consciousness to a point where you exist in a physical body but that does not define you, it means being able to define yourself.” – Lehlogonolo Modise. The Freedom Thinker


Written by Kea Mooka