The Rush.


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Coffee, for many of us it’s the lifeline that kick starts our day. The moment your lips kiss the cup, and it falls straight down your throat as though it seeks to warm the soul. Just one whiff of  the aroma in the air, and for that moment it feels like all in the world is right again. Coffee is a great boost of energy with possible health benefits too, here are a few;

  • Coffee helps lower your risk of type two Diabetes.
  • Drinking coffee in moderation helps with heart failure.
  • Coffee helps with Fat burning, as it boosts the metabolism.

Artists, writers and creatives swear by it, it is synonymous to blood in their veins to them. The drink that’s shared over a hearty catch up session, or a brief business meet. I think it’s safe to say that we’re grateful to whoever thought of this idea.

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