Mr BlaqNWhyte.


Maneuvering through the streets guerrilla style, we come across a police car parked on the side of the road, Thuli jumps in front of the car and says, “I want a picture right here”. The fearlessness rushed through us all and that’s when we got to know Thuli Lawrence Jadezweni from BlaqNWhyte Pictures,  a digital media designer, a jack of all trades on all things media.

What lies beneath his art and reveals his true essence is where he found his influence, “Growing up I learnt to appreciate my surroundings more than most people, which I think helped me gain the skill of envisioning multiple possibilities in any given situation, this enhanced my storytelling ability”. This is reflected in his dynamic style of editing and his ability to fuse different styles to make an almost abstract image or video.

His passion for filmmaking only came to life when he went to varsity, and decided to study Multimedia.”What keeps me going is the friends I’ve made along the way, and the people who watch my videos in awe of my work. My work comes to life through their eyes and that’s what keeps me going, it’s refreshing!”

In between the art life and rolling the coolest creative minds, what’s the highlight of his career? “The highlight of my career so far has been  my work on a short documentary film called Boundless Society. It explores the complexities and perceptions of modern day contemporary art in Johannesburg, myself included”.

What’s next for Thuli? “Well, my next step is to grow my craft as a video editor, I enjoy designing, photography and basically explore all the other skills I have. My goal right now is to create videos that are art based through the dynamic nature of my editing and storytelling in that respect. I want the viewer to truly experience what I did when I did and I’m not afraid to show the discomfort, that’s the art!”

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Check out this cool video of Mr BlaqNwhyte here -> A glimpse of BlaqNWhyte

Written by Kea Mooka