Train Hopping.


In the midst of all the commotion, between life’s hustle and bustle you’ll find regular folk numbed to life’s thrill, living with repressed feelings in need of healing, they move but live unmoved. As for me, I found my high.

The train choo-choo’s in, the sound sends chills through my spine. I ready myself, jump off of the platform and onto the side of the track, my feet crunch into the concrete. I wait for it to move, i walk slowly beside it as though I’m giving it a head start. I wait for it to move faster till it looks impossible catch, then I run and run like my life depends on it, my heart beats faster, it gains speed.

I run faster and faster, hold onto the railing and jump onto the train and off again, run again allowing it to push me to run faster. I jump back in, and catch my breath from the victory. In that moment It’s a levitation, where there are no limitations to what truly lives inside.

Written by Kea Mooka