Money and Art.


When you realize that you have a passion, you go all out in full force to pursue that passion. If that passion happens to be art, you go all out even more so, to find that it’s not as easy as it looks. The dream of filling up concert stadiums, galleries, theaters or selling out all your records and have your face all over billboards across the world is not as easy as it looks. It’s ten times harder to find your way, more especially FUND your way. That’s the story of the up and coming artist.

The truth about money and art?

It’s a shared struggle, if you’ve meet a lot of up and coming entertainers and  artists they’ll tell you the same thing. People don’t want to pay, their talent is exploited. Artists are very vulnerable in business especially, independent up and coming artists without representation and chances are if you are under an agency most of the time you loose ownership of your art.

“I grew tired of open mic hopping, the thrill and the applause was everything, but the struggle off stage was the reality I had to face after.” – Musician

“I find that most of the time people think that your services are negotiable, people need to realize that art is not your thrift store, it’s serious business like any other. I don’t think you’d go to pick n pay and say hey, do you think I could get 10% off? No.” – Photographer

Exposure does not pay the bills, of course you need it to reach the masses as an artists, but artists need to eat too. If you’re an artists trying to fund their way, know that your work is valuable, and you deserve to make money off your craft, just push through and do all you can to make sure people realize your worth. Keep up the art work!