Sneaker Head.

sneakerhead 2

We all have a pair of sneakers lying around somewhere in the closet, but for some sneakers are not just a pair of shoes, it’s an art and lifestyle. We’re talking about sneaker heads, We caught up with Sibusiso Khumalo to get a little insight on sneaker culture. He is a creative, and a self proclaimed sneaker lover and collector.

So what is sneaker culture? “It’s a love for sneakers that is beyond love, it’s a culture. For me it means not only getting sneakers, but also trying to find out more and more about sneakers too. I only have like 8 pairs of sneakers right now, I’m still growing my collection.”

What should you look at when you buy a pair of sneakers? “I look at the material, the color combination it matters, also  look at the history of the shoe. Every shoe you see on the shelf  has its own a history that makes you want to grab it and buy it, also just simply know what you are looking for.”

Some advice from Sibusiso to buyers looking to collect sneakers. “If you’re hunting for kicks don’t be desperate, don’t rush your collection look for something that fits you well, look for something that’s eye catching and most importantly something that you understand.”

So there you have it, if you’re looking to get into sneaker culture, take notes and live the art.


Watch this awesome video of Sibusiso explaining Sneaker Culture -> Sneaker Culture with Sibusiso Khumalo.