In Touch with Tam Music.


Her single’s Mystery Man and Stand Down are at the top of my playlist and may well be the theme songs to my life. I’m talking about the super talented singer and songwriter Tam. Her music style is a fusion of  R&B and Jazz, she also plays the guitar, piano, bass and drums. She is a band on her own and may well be a musical genius.

Her music is a reflection of her sparkling personality, a perfect blend of sassy and classy that will surely keep you entertained on and off stage. In between gushing over our love for music and dance, I got to know a little more about Tam journey and career as a musician. So when did she realize that music is her true passion? “It all started with a video of Whitney Houston performing the national anthem at the super bowl, listening to her perform live made me want to make music and inspire people to feel and think about life. I wanted to make people feel the way I did when first heard that performance”

How did it all begin begin? “I’ve been making music for as long as I can remember. It’s always been a part of my life.” Her biggest achievements thus far include, getting a gig on YOTV on SABC 1, the biggest national Tv channel  in South Africa, and a successful release of her previous mixtape “Rebirth” which is currently playing on
Power Global Radio & HB Radio Live which are radio stations based in the USA..

What is your music style and how did you come to find it? “My style is a fusion of R&B and some jazz elements. I love this style because I express myself best through this style. I can make a statement and also just have fun with making music.”

What’s next for Tam as an artist? “My new mixtape is due for release on the 6th of august. It’s a huge change for me as an artist and as a person, lots of growth coming.”

What would you say to aspiring musicians? “Do what makes you happy and don’t listen to anyone who says you can’t do it. If someone else out there did it before you so can you. That thought always keeps me going.”

We are truly honored to have gotten a glimpse into a day in the life of Tam, keep a look out for her rising star.

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Check out this video of our time with Tam   -> Behind Tam Music

Written by Kea Mooka