Let’s Play!


In our daily lives we find ourselves swamped with work, but in between the hustle and bustle, don’t forget to play. It could be anything from your outdoor sports to your classic board game. In our formative days, we lived for the thrill of waking up in the morning to go outside and play our favorite games with friends. It keeps you healthy whether it’s a physical or mental game, and it’s fun.

Here’s a throwback to the childhood games that we used to play and how they actually improved us.

  1. Legusha: This challenged you physically to push yourself to reach new heights.Having to leap to whichever height was put before you sharpened your concentration.
  2. Di Tin: The childhood game we used to play by stacking old tins and using a tennis ball to your target and knock over the tins. This teaches you how to focus, and learn the importance of teamwork to actually win the game.
  3. Concentration: The game literally defines itself it teaches concentration, to win you have to concentrate and not get thrown off.
  4. Hand Clap Games: These were purely for entertainment. The game itself was pure storytelling. You learn how to have rhythm and catch on to patterns. The thought of coming up with new songs while remembering hand gestures that go with it.

Playing is an expression of creativity, the mental play that goes into analyzing the situation, engaging and reflecting is essential to growing your mind. So remember to play.