Hand Made. 

We came across a vendor stitching together broken shoes, making them look as good as new again , and it made us remember how true art came to life through craftsmanship, way before the automated mass production of literally everything you can think of, even art!

Hand Made craft is the heart of art. It dates back to the beginning of time, when statues were hand carved from wood, when baskets were woven and sown together. Clothing made manually from all sorts of material. I bet they never had to have a “who wore it better” back then.  Hand made craft, speaks to the true passion and dedication one must have, to be able to spend hours repeating the same action manually to create an artwork. The craftsman or woman, lies it all on the table to create something and see it through. Handmade brings creativity comes to life when you have to involve yourself in every step in the creation process; there’s no bigger challenge than that. The idea of having to use what’s in front of you to create something better, and quite often nature is the best helper when hand crafting, how eco-friendly and resourceful is that?

There’s sentiment in handmade craft, the fact that anything that is hand crafted or stitched from scratch cannot be remade in the exact same way again; that uniqueness is the true definition of one of a kind. How special it must be to have something that you know can never be duplicated, and was made just for you. 

Hand made craft must be absolutely fun to make, you find new pieces to add to the creation everytime. There’s no sample to recreate, the process of making something that you haven’t seen before releases the visionary in you.

We must commend the craftsmen who still work tirelessly to created hand crafted goods. It is truly special.