Obtuse The Mixtape.


“Obtuse is an angle more than 90 degrees, which means its more than right. By this, I’m trying to say there has never been a moment where it felt more than “right” to drop a mixtape like now. Thus Obtuse is a state where its more than right to have made this decision.” – Turm


  1. Canvas ft Prism (Prod by Turm)
  2. Self- Esteem (Prod by Dj Best)
  3. E Rakile ft Obbs (Prod by Obbs)
  4. We Got This (Prod by Dj Best)
  5. Ghetto (Prod by Dj Best)
  6. Go Figure (Prod  by Dj Best)
  7. After School (Prod by Turm)
  8. Choma ft Slabsta (Prod by Turm)
  9. Aftermath ft Nose (Prod by Turm)
  10. Steel (Prod by Turm)
  11. The Renegades ft BGF Emcees (Prod by PSR)
  12. Crown (Prod by Jeff)


For Purchase contact: Turm  –  Cell:  079 279 4121

Facebook: Sphiwe Turm Ntwampe

Twitter: @TurmDizzleBGF