Neo-Soul with Angela Nimah.


Amidst all the buzz and rush of the city, we found a gem of a different kind. Her captivating aura must have lured us in, she has a unique set of talents that come together to form her mesmerising aesthetic. We got a chance to meet and know the amazing and talented  Angela Nimah. She is a musician, writer, fine artist and the craftswoman behind the brand RVL.

Her music is one aspect of her artistry that captivated us, she makes the kind of music that serenades you, and pulls you in to hypnotic trance a trance, so we asked her how she came to find her sound. “A lot of my beats are Hip-Hop Beats, where I come in with a soulful and neo-soulful element, which can also delve into experimental and alternative genres. All that magic makes up my style of music which I call Voodoo Soul, It’s an evolving sound that remains consistent, I have no reason why I make this style of music, everything is organic when it comes to my creative process, I only discover later what it all means”.

She carries herself with such grace and poise that we had to wonder where it all came from and who her biggest influences are. “Well, my earliest memory of music influences for me are Lauren Hill, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu and Simphiwe Dana to name a few. Soulful music is the foundation of what I create, but a lot of where it comes from is the heart. Art is innate so everything and everyone else is a mere reflection of that”. It is so refreshing to find an artist that is deeply grounded in their craft”.

Angela Nimah has certainly found her niche in the music industry, so we wanted to know, what her views are on art and entertainment in South Africa currently. “Haha, I don’t think much about that but if I had to put my mind to it, I think it’s growing quite rapidly but from an independent point of view there’s still a lot of work to be done for doors to open to new talent that is flourishing underground, but I just do what I do and pray it’ll be well received.”

So what does Nimah consider her biggest achievements this far in her career, “It would have to be not giving up on my purpose to create and become. I’m not just an artist I am a person as well. If I’m not making art, I’m consuming it.”, and we are absolutely ready to consume more of her art too.

What’s next for Nimah? “I don’t know what’s next, I just follow the flow to become the flow, There’s so much that I can do and I’ve learnt to attend each one of those gifts one step at a time through faith and consciousness. Everything is already happening and unfolding”, with that being said, we asked Nimah  what she lives by, her message to the world is “My mantra? I have a lot but one in particular is, Do what it takes!” and to all up coming artists she’d like to say “If you know you’re undeniably dope, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Move swift and let your art speak for you, keep growing”.

So stay woke, and look out for this creative on the move!



Watch this awesome video of our time with Angela Nimah -> Neo-Soul with Angela Nimah.

Written by  Kea Mooka