Pop and Lock your Hip Hop.


Dance is a language on it’s own, filled with many expressions. Hip hop dance on the other hand is the epitome of freedom.We sought to find out more about what it really takes to make it as a hip hop dancer, from Chris “Icetruth” Banza, he is a two time champion of Dance Empire, he won second place at the Morocco hip hop dance competition 2016, and he is currently working for dance studio.


What should you know when starting to learn how to dance hip hop? “Well it is important thing is your passion, you have to have to be ready for hard work and commitment. When you start don’t be conscious just do your thing”.


What does it take to be a dance and physically do it well, are there any exercises that one can can do to prepare themselves.”Physically one needs to be fit because dance requires physical strength, you can start doing exercises like running, running helps your feet get stronger, so they’re strong enough to support your body as you move, it also helps you balance. Skipping also helps your feet become faster and lighter on the dance floor”

For starters, learn the basics of Hip Hop which are the main styles.

Breaking; breaking includes four foundation dances: toprock, footwork-oriented steps performed while standing up; footwork performed with both hands and feet on the floor; freezes, stylish poses done on your hands; and  complex and impressive acrobatic moves.

Locking; locking looks similar to popping, and the two are frequently confused by the casual observer. In locking, dancers hold their positions longer. The lock is the primary move used in locking. It is “similar to a freeze or a sudden pause.”

Popping; this  is based on the technique of quickly contracting and relaxing muscles to cause a jerk in a dancer’s body.

To be a hip hop dancer you have to be versatile, try and learn all the sub genres of the dance as much as you can. Visualize yourself as a great dancer.  With that being said, the key to being good at anything is to apply yourself, commit to it, and love it.

So go forth and dance.

Watch this cool dance video of Chris  -> Hip Hop Dance by Icetruth