The Imagination of Tiisetso Maoke.


“I wrote this book because I wanted to find meaning. I wanted to unpack the stigma around women who are super feminine, and the idea that they cannot be intelligent because they are girly. I wanted people to realize that we exist internally and externally, and that it is okay to live both. Inner beauty and inner strength are important to me, I wanted to write to encourage people to know who they are and live freely, to live out our inner selves. ” – Tiisetso Maoke.

Fellow Artizen, Tiisetso Maoke has set out to explore ideas and notions of Inner beauty,and tapping into the stream of consciousness from which we create. We often ask ourselves these questions everyday, and she invites us to explore her imagination which reflects the creativity in ourselves that we need to embrace. This is a great read that will jolt you into re-imagining  your journey in life. So go out and get your copy of The Imagination of Tiisetso Maoke.



For Purchase Contact: Tiisetso Maoke –  081 4986 420