Zoom In.


What happens when there’s a vastness around you, and you have to zoom in to find the beauty. Photography is more than merely taking a snap of a moment, it is a conscious action of choosing what should be seen. It is a quest to zoom in on the beautiful, the sad, the gross, the sublime and picturesque in life and hold it as is. In the process of creating and taking photographs one must consider the meaning behind choosing to present the particular moment, and what then should be made of it. Whether it is a picture of a human in the nude or a photograph staged in a studio, or a man walking in the streets or a composed photograph staged and presented in a particular way.

Photography is our attempt to immortalise, and savour each moment of everyday life.

When in the practice of photography, the most important feat is to open your eyes, to allow yourself to see through the lens. Open your eyes to zoom in on what society at large may not see. As a photographer, photograph what you love, what interests you, the world is your canvas.

The technicalities of photography must be acknowledged, the camera is far more sensitive than the human eye. Lighting is the most important thing in photography. Light is your friend, the camera is the tool which you use to shine light on. Learn your lighting rules and tips, but mostly learn how to set the lighting on your camera. Be acquainted with the terms, ISO, Aperture and Exposure.

If you’re passionate about photography, start practicing the craft now.  Whether you’re using a smartphone or a DSLR camera,  just do it. Allow yourself to be lead by what interests you most, teach yourself to zoom in on what you like and find the beauty and art in it.