The key to success!


Don’t you ever wish that all your dreams and aspirations could all come to life in one instant. We all hope it were as easy as unlocking one door where you find all that you’ve always desired and well… it is. The key to success is in your hand, and the door to open is your mind. Here are a few ways to achieve success.

Be Open. Be open minded, open handed and open hearted because nothing closed ever receives. Being open means being conscious of your actions, if you are you’ll make the right decisions that align with what you aspire to achieve in life.

Know Your Goals. It’s one thing to want success, but you have to define success on your own terms. Success means different things for different people. Write down what success is for you and break it down further by writing down a list of your goals.

Believe in Yourself. As often as you’ve heard this before, it is very important and so many of us forget to sometimes, the only way to truly achieve something is by believing that you are capable of doing it, however impossible it may be. Know that the key to your success is in your hands and no one else’s.

Be Resilient. Often times things don’t go as planned or happen at the time you would want them to, but teach yourself to never stay down when things don’t go right.

Be in Control. Be in control of your own destiny. Affirm your own power over your life. Your happiness and success is all in your control. Do not allow people to dictate where your success or happiness should lie.

Visualize your success – Live it before, you have it. Picture yourself with that job, that house, that car, that love and happiness. There is power in thinking things into life, these thoughts will steer your actions and ultimately lead you to your success.

The key to success is already in your hands, use it.

New Release: Milk Fam presents Grim & Skillz – Zoo (Prod by Siviwe_Smash).

Album art-01-01-01

[Verse 1: Grim]

Woke up in the morning like ‘Who to defeat?’
You don’t wanna see us when we move through the streets
Young Hentai checking booty to squeeze
Enter the braam, usual freaks
Damage the block
Kanene ndingum’Xhosa amantombazane athi I’m not a man I’m a dog
Khal’ isginci sam like my passion is rock
Smash on the beat I’m just smashing a crotch
Lackadaisical dude’s will be lacking a lot
Simple a** minds couldn’t handle a thought (thot)
You’re wasting her time
You wanna go and eat her booty, I wanna be tasting her mind
It’s all black and white let’s face it it’s fine
That’s why I’m racey in rhymes like I’m chasing my prime
All I wanna do is keep spitting the truth
And they’re calling us apes, monkey see monkey do

[Hook: Grim]

Oh my, n***** in my crew are so wild
It’s a zoo out here if my crew’s out here
And my n***** gonna party all night
Oh my, n***** in my crew are so wild
It’s a zoo out here if my crew’s out here
And my n*****gonna party all night

[Verse 2: Skillz]

Woke up in the morning beer goggling fear
Kicking it with Molly till my posse gets here
I got a bag full of green, bagging your girl if she mean
I’m going in like they tagged me, I’m finna pin her I swear
Ain’t nobody safe when my posse gets here
Cuff your girl all you wanna knowing Houdini is here
Look, we’re in your city like we’re running for mayor
In your city’s inner city, in it to disappear
I mean the boy cold but he flow hot
So we beefing if she’s fire then I’m coming for that G-Spot
I G shock just to watch like when kids rock
Then I kick rocks, this wasn’t even my lunch box
Bully on the beats, vibe mobbing with my squad and ’em
All my dogs rottweiler, miss me with your dobermans
The boy troublesome, in your mall like some bubblegum
Suicide flows but I come across as marta dem

[Hook: Grim]

Oh my, n***** in my crew are so wild
It’s a zoo out here if my crew’s out here
And my n***** gonna party all night
Oh my, n***** in my crew are so wild
It’s a zoo out here if my crew’s out here
And my n***** gonna party all night

Download and Enjoy! Grim ft Skillz – Zoo



In&Outfit is a blog you’ll be able to view for everyday styling tips, interactive item finding and brand locating of local and international brands.We got a chance to get a fashion update with the ever so stylish and sophisticated creative behind In&Outfit, Kele Motlhamme she is a stylist, pageant director and visualist on the rise. She gave us a full update on the hottest looks and styling tips for this season.

kele2 2.jpg

“With this first look,  I believe in comfort, and shades of chocolate are really in for me this season. The look is inspired by the typical stylish but yet busy girl. It’s an on the go quick and laid back, but it has detail and a certain level of sophistication.”


“Casual with a twist – this is how id describe this look. It’s way more fun to work with an outfit that’s plain because any accessory adds detail to the outfit, that sort of changes the look and feel of it, and to me fashion is a playful experience.”

Naturally seeing the world.jpg

The palette for this look is really what makes it pop. Color coordination makes the styling an art and this winter, we’re taking dull colors to a whole other level. I like to incorporate seasons into one another so for me, pairing a winter jacket with a summer  shirt/crop top makes absolute fashion sense.

We are absolutely thrilled to have gotten a look into In&Outfit, and we’ll definitely be looking out for more style and fashion tips from this creative on the move!


Hand Made. 

We came across a vendor stitching together broken shoes, making them look as good as new again , and it made us remember how true art came to life through craftsmanship, way before the automated mass production of literally everything you can think of, even art!

Hand Made craft is the heart of art. It dates back to the beginning of time, when statues were hand carved from wood, when baskets were woven and sown together. Clothing made manually from all sorts of material. I bet they never had to have a “who wore it better” back then.  Hand made craft, speaks to the true passion and dedication one must have, to be able to spend hours repeating the same action manually to create an artwork. The craftsman or woman, lies it all on the table to create something and see it through. Handmade brings creativity comes to life when you have to involve yourself in every step in the creation process; there’s no bigger challenge than that. The idea of having to use what’s in front of you to create something better, and quite often nature is the best helper when hand crafting, how eco-friendly and resourceful is that?

There’s sentiment in handmade craft, the fact that anything that is hand crafted or stitched from scratch cannot be remade in the exact same way again; that uniqueness is the true definition of one of a kind. How special it must be to have something that you know can never be duplicated, and was made just for you. 

Hand made craft must be absolutely fun to make, you find new pieces to add to the creation everytime. There’s no sample to recreate, the process of making something that you haven’t seen before releases the visionary in you.

We must commend the craftsmen who still work tirelessly to created hand crafted goods. It is truly special. 

Sleeping Man. 

The sleeping man lies his face flat on the ground. The sleeping man feels the concrete warm his face and thinks of it as home. The sun is out glistening on him, but all he feels is the smoothering heat, mother natures warm blanket saves him. Mankind walks by numb to his despair, not that they don’t care it’s an agony to hard to bear so they dont stare. In his slumber the sleeping man listens and hears the soothing voices of his ancestors echo and send an angry rumble that strikes his heart.

They said, the concrete jungle is no ones home. You stay on your feet or face defeat. Swallowed by the city’s buzz you, fight to see clearly through the mist that the life lies within you. Arise from the ashes and seize power for you are no walking carcas enslaved by the working hours or trapped by the hovering towers.

Dear Son, brother and father. Unchain yourself. Break the generational curse, instill in him the values of courage and strength. Let him take pride, in knowing that what matters lies within. 

Worthy soldier, stand up carry the knights sword, carve your name is into stone so that they will know that you are a worthy king. 

Sleeping Man awake in this golden hour, the rays of light are in you, stand up and be free. 

Written by Kea Mooka