Not only does he reap us out with his sensational sound, but our sights too with his incredible design skills. We’re talking about Grim the reaper aka Manxeezy, he is a musician, illustrator and explores his artistry  with his crew Milk Fam. On a busy afternoon we meet up with Grim to get to know a little more about his journey in the arts.

The brow raising name is enough to catch your attention, so we just had to ask him to reveal the story behind it. “I got the name Grim in high school, I was one of those moody kids that were always in black clothes, I had this gigantic hoodie which I used to pull over my head and one day somebody said you look like the grim reaper bra, and since then I’ve been Grim. As an artist I kind of took to the whole persona of the grim reaper in that I try to make sure I slay everything I touch. You will hear it some of my rhyme schemes that my main point when getting on a track is to kill it.”, and that is something we totally agree with.

So when did you realize that you wanted to make music, and how did it all start? “It was in 2009, we had been rapping for a few years until the day one guy came to boarding school with a whole mini studio with him. He was looking for rappers to work with because he produced. We started recording that year and I never stopped. I had a confidence problem at the time but my one dude wouldn’t let me allow that to hold me back, so he would keep pushing me to get better, if you could hear the things we recorded back then and what I’m cooking now, you will see the growth.” We have to admire the journey and growth of this game changer, that serves to remind us that if you believe it you will achieve it.

What has been your biggest achievement, your highlights since you started making music? “I have entered several rap competitions over the years, the back to the city 10k challenge, End of the weak, Jack Daniels scouts  and such but I have not won yet. Regardless of being in top ten a few times I don’t consider any achievement being accomplished by me yet until I come out as number one. Milk Fam got signed in 2012 to a label called Golden Sun, we didn’t get much content out so it felt like we were all finding ourselves, (the crew and the label). After the contract expired I realized we can do a whole lot more by ourselves as artists.”

So what’s next step in the journey for Grim, and Milk Fam? “Right now I’m trying to break out into the mainstream with this tape I’m working on ‘G Force’. We have been in the shadows for too long and this will hopefully catapult myself and my crew. Milk Fam as a unit is currently also working on a tape so on either end we are planning a takeover. We are unsigned and do everything ourselves, this might be slowing our process but we know it will be worth it in the end to have broken through as Indie artists.”

What are your words to live by? “Keep it moving. Take everything with a bucket of salt. If it’s meant to be it will be”

What would you say to fellow artists in the game? “With the way hip hop is shifting so constantly, I just want everyone to be able to evolve with it but also remain true to themselves.”

On that note, we’re looking forward to seeing more of Grim and Milk Fam on the scene.


Download Grim – Zoo ft Skillz (Prod by Siviwe_Smash)

Watch video -> Grim!

Written by Kea Mooka