We’re living in a time where almost everything we need is a click away. We can have our favorite food delivered to our doorsteps, that clothing item we’ve been eyeing can be ours instantly with the click of a button and banking apps have relieved us from those dreadful pay day queues. With just one device everything and anyone from around the world doesn’t seem so far away anymore. We’ve come to exist on our cellphones; the internet is our playground with endless possibility. The opportunity to connect is everywhere, but do we really connect?

Connecting to anything and anyone in our time is easy, but effective communication itself may be at an all time low. We are so intrigued by the idea of access to anything that we end up spending our time drifting away to another world on our phones. We find ourselves wasting valuable time on interactions that are not necessarily beneficial to us in any way.

Connetions are an essential part of life, and we should make sure that each connection we make is valuable and enriches our lives, whether it is business or social. This is a reminder to us millennials to be conscious of the way we interact and to always lead with intent. If you bear this in mind, connecting will lead us to the success wedesire in life.

We are ever so grateful to be able to connect to anything and anyone in an instant, however we should not forget to maintain healthy relations and connections outside our devices. Our gadgets and the internet are a huge part of our lives but we must bare in mind that they too are extremely fragile and could fail us.

Let’s not forget the value of the real human interaction and connection. So once you’re done reading this, put down your phone, look around and  go out today, visit a friend instead of texting them, look somebody in the eye and smile, go give your loved one that hug that has been replaced by an emoji.