Artizens in BGF!


We’re throwing you all the way back to the weekend of 2nd July 2016, when we headed out to Burgersfort, Limpopo to check out this amazing town. After a four hour drive from Johannesburg, we arrive in Tubatse district and were welcomed with friendly faces with smiles as warm as the weather. We couldn’t help but be excited to be surrounded by people with an incredible community spirit, and fresh local talent. We were extended invites to attend the Re Basadi Market Day, and Hip Hop Cares V Coldfront, events created by organisations which are founded and lead by the local youth.


The Re Basadi Market Day is an event organised by the Re Basadi movement, a prominent movement in the community which aims to empower women and encourage feminine conversation. This market day aimed to promote local female entrepreneurship. We arrived at the market and were welcomed by the founder. The turnout was incredible with a buzzing youth and large support from the men too. We spent the rest of the afternoon interacting with the locals and are spoiled with performances by local upcoming artists.


Later in the Afternoon we headed out to Hip Hop Cares V Coldfront, this was the fifth event hosted by the Hip Hop Cares Foundation, an NGO with the aim to build the community and further promote local arts and culture by appreciating local talent. We arrive to find locals packed at the gate, anticipating performances from their favorite musicians. The  rest of the night was filled with laughs, smiles, incredible performances from the locals, lots of dancing, all this for a good cause.

It was an honoured to have been a part of the events created by the Tubatse community, shout out to Burgersfort and all of you making a difference in your hometown.

Watch this video of our time at Hip Hop Cares V Coldfront -> Hip Hop Cares V Coldfront