Importance of communication.


I have always had a problem with communicating my feelings to people around my space, although I have always known the importance of communication. A childhood covenant that I made was to avoid upsetting other people. Now this did not always give me a good behaviour, instead, it got me to avoid communicating any topics that I perceived would upset someone else.

Incomplete or total communication avoidance will prevent the topic from being shared and gone through. Many of the relationships I have encountered in life this far, never succeeded because of the lack of communication that was happening, most of them had trouble in breathing. I have always been that one person who is not good in keeping conversations, more especially now, since the innovation of social media. Without the exchange of life energy, the relationship cannot grow, it may struggle, and if it is severe enough, then the relationship suffers and dies. The truth of the matter is that having and maintaining a relationship is not easy. Just as in an individual body, a diseases or illness starts to develop. The key for a healthy and growing relationship is to keep the communication flowing. Those in a relationship know all too well that fairy tales are only true in the movies.

Communication problems are a major source for relationship problems. People in most cases just do not know how to talk to each other. The ability to tell each other thoughts, feeling and wants is so important to a relationship. Good, open and honest communication is like oil to a car. Without oil to the car, internal parts will burn up and the car will be ready for the scrap pile. Communication is important. As I have been meeting new people, I have learned that there are no mind readers. For a relationship to grow and prosper, likes, dislikes, desires, hopes, dreams and problems need to be said. If a couple’s communication is restricted, the relationship is destined for major problems down the road

We take cars for oil changes to keep going strong, so why not seek a professional’s assistance to change our communication patterns in order to keep the relationship in tip top shape just like our automobiles?

Written by Jolene Tshakane