Introducing Ben Tuge. 

After 22 years in the art world and being hosted in numerous National Art Galleries, the dynamic visual artist and sculptor Benjamin Tuge will open his first solo exhibition at MB Studio Community on the 3RD of September. We joined him in his work space in Johannesburg to get a glimpse of what his solo exhibition “Introducing Ben Tuge” will have to offer.
Viewing his outdoor work space, where his creations for the solo exhibition are displayed; is a beautiful sight to take in. What is the concept behind the exhibition, I ask? Ben explains; “for me, this exhibition is a form of rebirth. An opportunity to introduce the art world to my new creations and the journey and growth I have under gone to stand with this body of work today.” Ben Tuge found a home with the MB Studio Community, he’s found himself delving deeper into the art and challenging his previous techniques and style.

The upcoming exhibition marks the transition of Ben as an artist, “I’ve challenged myself in terms of the mediums I’m using, It’s my first time using collage paper on wood and many other fusions.” The sculptures on display are moulded with PH plastic creating a bright colour palette that ooze life. The sculptures that will be on exhibit speak to the whole concept of a transformation, they capture a sense of movement and metamorphosis. The figures of the sculpture invite us to imagine the story that is unfolding. His excellent craftsman ship and storytelling are inspiring.

We are excited and anticipating the opening to his exhibition that will surely take the contemporary art world by storm. Head out to the opening of the exhibition at MB Studio Community Gallery on the 3rd of September at 11am.
MB Studio Community – 385 Helen Jospeh Street . Pretoria City Centre . 012central.

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