As soon as you walk in, you are greeted with large woven plastic bags that occupy the center of the gallery. You can’t help but feel their overwhelming presence, along with striking sketches placed on the walls of the MB Studio Community Gallery in Pretoria. We attended the two man exhibition, “Luggage” by Nkhensani Rihlampfu and Michael Selekane which was curated by Sarah McGee. On this particular opening we were given an overall art experience, as the Performing Arts Department lead by The O Zone Felaz, gave their performance interpretation of the exhibition’s concept.


Luggage sets out to unpack the emotional, mental and physical weight of our country’s, our community’s and our own personal luggage. The show was titled Luggage instead of Baggage, as the connotations associated with the word baggage are generally negative.

Michael Selekane took a different approach to his ideas behind luggage, as he drew from his personal connection to the concept. He reflects on the artist’s emotional state as an individual, and what they go through as they migrate across the country; while Nkhensani Rihlampfu takes a positive stand on the concept and gives us the weight of both our country’s and families’ Luggage, exploring how often those responsibilities are carried on the shoulders of a handful of individuals. These two approaches give us a full expression of the idea of luggage. The concept speaks to many of us and allows us to confront the luggage which we often face, as well as the luggage that we bring and carry as individuals.


The performing artists extended the concept with an outstanding physical theater performance artwork. The artists aimed to express ideas of the effects of this “luggage” on the everyday man, the fatigue from having to bear a heavy load and endure the weight placed on them. The piece consisted of harmonic melodies often sung to keep the spirits of the people up during such times.


Luggage is a well-produced exhibition and a new reflection of contemporary art. The exhibition is open until the 27th of August 2016, so head out to MB Studio Community and enjoy the living artwork.

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Woman of Influence.


As she walks she sways her hips sideways, sideways like a runway model

Except she’s not on the runway, she’s running away so she can find a gateway, thee way


Christs way, the only way to her destiny ,her destiny away from poverty cause poverty, poverty is not in her identity, actually Christ is her portion, Jehovah Jireh the Lord her provider,  supplier of  all she may need and desire

 This woman is the epitome of greatness

Success is her second name and integrity is her follower

Dressed and clothed in wisdom and knowledge, accessorized in glory and favour

This woman is surely not dressed to kill this woman is dressed to give life


Quiet and reserved by nature but don’t be fooled by her stature, nor judge her by shape, size or what you think is beauty in your eyes for your eyes cannot visualize nor can your mind devise such a blessing in disguise

Humbleness is written all over her face that people cannot help but gaze at the rays of her smile for they set the whole room ablaze and amaze people to the point of praise and embrace .She wears a crown of beauty. She is the definition of gorgeous

You may cut her with your words

Bruise her with your looks

Hurt her with your rumours and negative connotations

But truth is it won’t hurt her, it’ll only make her stronger, wiser, she’ll live longer, cause obviously she’ll conquer

Christ went through it all and he knows what she’s going through that’s why he willingly died on the cross for her sake


It was no mistake because only His nail scarred hands, His blood, His stripes could set her free from this world and its lusts and pleasures and measures and standards and pressures which are the source of destruction and distraction, but with him as the centre of her attention and attraction she knows that in him shell always find her satisfaction.

This woman has a mind-set, her mind is so set on Jesus that she’s content and circumstances, challenges, problems and situations don’t defy nor define her they refine her

Ever shining in Gods glory she shines like the star she was born to be. Her presence brings a lovely scent because she’s heavenly sent, and is worth more than every cent she’s ever spent to make herself feel valuable for the Word says she’s far more precious than rubies.

 She’s unapologetic about her beauty,

Every feature was created according to his likeness and image in order to make her a flawless creature.

She’s an inspiration; her success comes from determination, perspiration with no procrastination

Patience, endurance and perseverance are the tools with which she builds her destiny and one day hopes to become a blessing to humanity and charity.


 This woman is the epitome of greatness

Success is her second name and integrity is her follower

Dressed and clothed in wisdom and knowledge, accessorized in glory and favour

This woman is surely not dressed to kill this woman is dressed to give life

She is a woman of substance

She is a woman of influence

Written by Ntshuxeko Charity Mdaka.


Slabsta – Special feat. Milelo & Gali Lyrics.


[Hook – Milelo]

So special, something special

So special, I’m feeling so special

So special, you are special


[Verse 1 – Slabsta]

Back in 93 I was born brah

Went out the womb on the 5th of March

Folks got happy I’m the first born

Now you see why I wana be number one

I was born to rule I was raised by the blessed

All I really want is to see us success

Still growing up, still growing taller

Wana get my hustle right and get my money taller

Mr hustler boy I stay winning

I’m still breathing I guess I’m still amazing

Ask my n*** mo If you don’t know

Yeah we catch up sometime yeah we blow smoke (Coz it’s something special)


[Hook – Milelo]

So special, something special

So special, I’m feeling so special

So special, you are special


[Verse 2 – Gali]


I came from the jungle just study my feet

You and I share a struggle, the struggle is deep

We figure out through this puzzle connecting the peace

And since I move like a spirit I follow my dreams

I’ve seen shapes from a far let me try angles

I know the surface looks scary coz I’m a sky angel

But in my mind I been cooking just like a volcano

I’ve been around like a circle

Then came around like a purpose

To break it down like interpreters

Believe in yourself

That thing inside of you never mind what they wana do curses

Quiet you hurting I’m speaking out to alert you

That you will grow like the lotus flower and followers churches (special awakening)


[Hook – Milelo]

So special, something special

So special, I’m feeling so special

So special, you are special


[Verse 3 – Slabsta]

Feeling so blessed yeah I’m feeling so special

Doing my thing o kare kenna professional

Wearing my old clothes o kare batho ba kgale

I’m still gonna get that dough so ga ke worre

You know I’m so real coz ke bea pelo pele.

Rip magriza coz of you ke tswelapele

A ke felo I’m still on the hustle being broke a se selo

I’d break you like a bad dude but kenale pelo

Maybe coz I’m special, maybe coz I’m chosen

I’m so in between man could I be the middle man

Middle man, middle man how you doing man

You gotta love them all but they don’t understand (coz it’s something special)


[Hook – Milelo]

So special, something special

So special, I’m feeling so special

So special, you are special

Download song -> Slabsta – Special feat Milelo & Gali. (Prod by TvB)

Artizens in BGF!


We’re throwing you all the way back to the weekend of 2nd July 2016, when we headed out to Burgersfort, Limpopo to check out this amazing town. After a four hour drive from Johannesburg, we arrive in Tubatse district and were welcomed with friendly faces with smiles as warm as the weather. We couldn’t help but be excited to be surrounded by people with an incredible community spirit, and fresh local talent. We were extended invites to attend the Re Basadi Market Day, and Hip Hop Cares V Coldfront, events created by organisations which are founded and lead by the local youth.


The Re Basadi Market Day is an event organised by the Re Basadi movement, a prominent movement in the community which aims to empower women and encourage feminine conversation. This market day aimed to promote local female entrepreneurship. We arrived at the market and were welcomed by the founder. The turnout was incredible with a buzzing youth and large support from the men too. We spent the rest of the afternoon interacting with the locals and are spoiled with performances by local upcoming artists.


Later in the Afternoon we headed out to Hip Hop Cares V Coldfront, this was the fifth event hosted by the Hip Hop Cares Foundation, an NGO with the aim to build the community and further promote local arts and culture by appreciating local talent. We arrive to find locals packed at the gate, anticipating performances from their favorite musicians. The  rest of the night was filled with laughs, smiles, incredible performances from the locals, lots of dancing, all this for a good cause.

It was an honoured to have been a part of the events created by the Tubatse community, shout out to Burgersfort and all of you making a difference in your hometown.

Watch this video of our time at Hip Hop Cares V Coldfront -> Hip Hop Cares V Coldfront




Mistaking lust for love.


A survey of some 3, 000 individuals have found that one in five adults claim to be “in love with someone other than their partner”. This other could be a friend or a colleague. I think there is a huge gap between love and lust and that many people get caught up in between two.

Lust is an initial physical attraction to another person. It is overwhelmingly powerful, although we are not generally aware of the pheromones which drive the feelings. When we are physically attracted to someone else, it is because we sense unconsciously that they would make an excellent genetic match, someone who would allow us to produce the strongest and healthiest offspring. It is not about long-term compatibility, about “happy ever after.”

Love on the other hand, isn’t an immediate feeling. It grows over time, love is more akin to friendship that to a coupling. To paraphrase the psychiatrist M Scott, love is the desire to extend you at whatever personal cost- for the purpose of nurturing the growth and furthering the dreams of another individual. It is effortful, it requires personal sacrifice and it grows slowly. When we separate “love” from “lust” in this way, it is less distressing to note that one in five people desire someone other than their partner. They are simply confusing lust with love.

Fair enough, you might say. But what about the fact that the respondents claim to have had these feelings for many years? Didn’t I just say that lustful feelings don’t last long? But people imagine that lustful feelings can by themselves hold a relationship together forever. And this brings us to reasons why so many people are dissatisfied in their relationships or rather in today’s society. We find it difficult to differentiate between what we have and what we imagine we could have. That is totally not surprising. We are constantly exposed to images of perfect bodies, and stories of “idyllic” relationships which, when they are no longer idyllic, can easily be traded in for another idyllic relationship. These images and stories, together with the advertising mantra that “you deserve better” has led many to believe that “better” is outside of us somewhere, if only we can find it.

Finally, the second reason why so many of us are feeling dissatisfied is that we are constantly reminded that “there is a whole world out there, just waiting for you”, and that if your current relationship isn’t working, you simply need to leave it, because there will be plenty of others to choose from. I can’t help but wonder why so many people continue to live their lives feeling so unfulfilled, when there is an alternative, a way to feel more content.

A better way to live, I believe, is to stop depending more on others. Stop searching outside of the self for someone who can “make” you happy. Happiness, satisfaction, contentment-call it what you will, is not something you will find it out there. Instead it starts with you. It is something you create when you decide to work with what you already have.

Written by Jolene Tshakane



We’re living in a time where almost everything we need is a click away. We can have our favorite food delivered to our doorsteps, that clothing item we’ve been eyeing can be ours instantly with the click of a button and banking apps have relieved us from those dreadful pay day queues. With just one device everything and anyone from around the world doesn’t seem so far away anymore. We’ve come to exist on our cellphones; the internet is our playground with endless possibility. The opportunity to connect is everywhere, but do we really connect?

Connecting to anything and anyone in our time is easy, but effective communication itself may be at an all time low. We are so intrigued by the idea of access to anything that we end up spending our time drifting away to another world on our phones. We find ourselves wasting valuable time on interactions that are not necessarily beneficial to us in any way.

Connetions are an essential part of life, and we should make sure that each connection we make is valuable and enriches our lives, whether it is business or social. This is a reminder to us millennials to be conscious of the way we interact and to always lead with intent. If you bear this in mind, connecting will lead us to the success wedesire in life.

We are ever so grateful to be able to connect to anything and anyone in an instant, however we should not forget to maintain healthy relations and connections outside our devices. Our gadgets and the internet are a huge part of our lives but we must bare in mind that they too are extremely fragile and could fail us.

Let’s not forget the value of the real human interaction and connection. So once you’re done reading this, put down your phone, look around and  go out today, visit a friend instead of texting them, look somebody in the eye and smile, go give your loved one that hug that has been replaced by an emoji.

Double Release!

BGF’s finest musicians Slabsta and Czar have decided to launch us into the weekend with new releases! Slabsta’s song Special is a reminder to us all that we are special, and encourages us to believe in ourselves always. Czar’s Phanda Phusha sparks that hustler spirit in us, and keeps us working even harder.

special artwork 2.jpg

Download Slabsta – Special feat Milelo & Gali (Prod by TvB)


Downlaod  Czar – Phanda Phusha (Prod by Da Vynalist)