Behaviour and the position of the sun.


I believe that behaviour is that which gives rise to different cultural practices. It may not be the only factor involved, however some may argue that behaviour is a by product of culture. In this context we shall assume that behaviour makes up cultural practices.

In most things, if not everything done in the social world, one has to act a certain way for meaning to be produced and interpreted (this can be defined as behaviour). The social world is a space where we get a chance to express ideas, emotions and events. The human body is the main instrument we use to transmit meaningful actions. But little attention is paid to this master piece of nature and how it is directly influenced by the position of the earth relation to the Sun. If you would take time to observe activities performed during the day and night you will notice that they are essentially different. The sun influences our thoughts, emotions and the way we interact. This does not only occur during day and night but throughout the whole year, since the earth is constantly rotating round the sun.

In many societies the sun was praised and believed to be God due to the properties it gives out -heat and light, which were thought to be the sources of LIFE. I am not proposing we start praising the sun as God but rather that we intone our behaviour with the position of the earth in relation to the sun. Since it influences our thoughts, emotions and level of interaction, us being unaware of this process hinders us to various degrees. By intoning our behaviour with the position of the sun, we will influence our growth at a fundamental level, resulting in an individual gaining a deeper life experience that transcends the virtual realties we have created that house discrimination, inequality and capitalism.

We are both natural and social beings. We should not conform to the rules of society to a point were we start being blind to the beautiful natural world we are apart of. In oneness I believe we find growth which brings a piece of mind.

Written by Lehlogonolo Modise