Easy like Sunday morning.


Nothing beats spending a Sunday with your loved ones. Most of us take this day off to just recover and recoup from the previous week. I remember Sundays to be filled with lots of food and laughter around the dining room table.

It is important to allow yourself to unwind and relax. Take Sunday off to reflect and allow yourself to think of new ways to progress for the upcoming week. Here are a few ways to help you enjoy yourself and refresh your mind.

Eat and Drink. Allow yourself to have a hearty meal and a good drink, whichever you will. Whether you prefer a good glass of wine, a beer or maybe a simple fruit juice. I know I definitely feel better when I’ve had something to eat or drink.

Take time to do nothing. By nothing I mean absolutely nothing that needs your concentration, it could be anything like simply taking a walk around your neighbourhood, or laying back under your favourite tree outside. Allow yourself to breathe and clear your thoughts, take in moments as they are.

Recoup and reflect. After you ease your mind, make the conscious decision to reflect on the past week, look at the goals you set out to achieve during the week, check if you have, and if you have not evaluate what might have went wrong.

Plan. Plan the week ahead, set out your prioritize for the week and  what you aim to achieve. Plan it out in detail.

Laugh and love. Life gets really hectic in between trying to achieve our goals, and often times we find ourselves in stressful and tough situations. Laughing and spending time with your loved ones takes the edge off.

It’s okay to allow yourself to breathe and take time off. Have an easy Sunday.