FNB Art Fair.


We were invited to witness the best that the art world has to offer at the FNB Joburg Art Fair and were proud to see MB Studio Community take the art world by storm.

MB Studio Community Gallery presented a unique contemporary art style that many couldn’t help but stop and marvel at. On display were four art works, the first being Mbongeni Buthelezi’s portrait from the “Unseen series”, the portrait aims to show the moments of everyday life that go unseen, and the medium used – melted plastic – emphasizes the idea of making something from nothing. Along side that was Solomon Omogboyeo’s “Raw Hope” this striking portrait reflects on the artists journey capturing the people and situations that he has encountered along the way. This was followed by Dario Manjate’s dynamic portrait “Consumerism” which addresses the consumerist world we live in, this collage portrait shows a woman’s face made from luxury items, composed in a such a way that draws you in to take a closer look at the image and watch the identity of the woman strip away with the excess of consumerist world. Nkhensani Rihlampfu’s “Mi Nga Karhale Tirahani” (Don’t Get Tired Keep Working) sculpture summed up the collection. The sculpture explores the concept seen in his two man exhibition “Luggage” the idea of emotional and physical luggage that we all have and have had to carry through the journey of life.

Congratulations to MB Studio Community for selling all their art works on display. We’re looking forward to seeing more of what MB Studio Community has to offer.