Responding to our best abilities.


Life is all about responding to the different situations we find ourselves in and in the process of responding, we influence how the world unfolds. The way in which the world unfolds can either be constructive or destructive to various degrees depending on our attitudes. Whatever we give out to the world we are giving to ourselves but how can this be true when we all have unique life experiences? Let’s take a moment to observe how truthful this statement is, if you plant a grape seed it is impossible that an orange tree may develop from that seed. Try greeting a random person with a smile and observe the person reaction, is the reaction different from the kind of information you have given them? Even our bodies follow the very same principle, how well we take care of our bodies (through exercising, eating healthy food) plays a major role in how we develop physically even though the are other factors involved like environment and ‘genetics make up’.

The more I think about it, our environment and genetic makeup are not there to hinder growth but promote it. However, we should also remember when we respond to various situations it is not always the case that we will witness any change occurring at that particular moment. Change depends on the size of our goals, the amount of time spends working towards our goals and how they are aligned with the flow of the universe to actually materialise.

Remember before anyone can believe in you the processes has to be initiated by you. If you want something bad enough the universe will put you to the test, not to destroy you but to prepare you for the state of mind that you wish to have. My advice to anyone who wishes to influence how the world unfolds make sure you have the right attitude and always try to respond to your best abilities.

Written by Lehlogonolo Modise