Crafty things.


Have you ever felt a sudden burst of creativity, do you feel a sudden itch to create something new and unique?  Channel that creative energy into DIY home craft projects. It’s easy, inexpensive and you most likely will turn up with something very cute and unique that you can be proud of and willingly show off. Here are some easy DIY craft projects you can try at home.

  1. Collages. A collage is a one of the easiest ways to create something beautiful, it is when you make an artwork from an assemblage of different forms to create something entirely new. It could be a collection of pictures, photographs, buttons or anything that interests you. The main idea is to create something new from the materials collected. You could make a collage of your family photos to hang in the hall way using a canvas of your choice.
  2. Jam Jar Decorating. All those jam jars you have stored in your cupboard could be renewed and put to use again. Decorate them in the style that you like, you could paint them in a colour you like, add your name on them in a cool way. Theses jars can be re used as pen holders, toothbrush containers or even a drinking jar.
  3. Making your own t-shirt designs. You can redesign the old plain t-shirts you have stuffed away in your closet and create something unique suited to your own style. You could make your own fringe shirt by cutting straight lines through the hem of the shirt. You could also try making your own tye-dye designs by fusing the colours of paint that you like. The best part about the shirt design is that you get to write or create something that you’ve always wanted and could never find in stores.
  4. DIY Containers. Your storage places can become a lot cooler by designing them in your own unique way. Anything from old ice cream containers to old wooden boxes could be used. The idea is to make them your own, paint them in the way you like create your own designs. You could use spray paint for a dry look, or an oil based paint for a more glossy look. Add whatever material you might like to add to further personalise or label them, you could try strings, buttons or even studs.

The best part about DIY projects is that they are free, the aim is to use recyclable material and do everything yourself so you won’t have to spend money on hiring someone to do it for you. DIY projects are a great way to ease your mind and strengthen your creativity. Just a simple idea may turn into the best thing ever, you may even wind up creating something so cool that you could sell it.