The power of the number 3.


My interpretation on how to make thoughts materialise.

Many societies have stories around the number three, knowledge is transmitted through stories in social world. Religion reduced the world to three spheres of being – (heaven, earth and hell) and our behaviour is considered to be the decider of where we are going to end up after this life. I do not know what is going to happen after I die, I can only speculate but I personally do not believe that when one dies one goes to heaven or hell.

I believe we create our own heaven or hell HERE in the present moment. Depending on how well our levels of being are integrated. There are levels of being which are integrated to various degrees, the lowest being the physical which we experience through our five senses, the emotional which is experienced through feelings and the mental plane which is the world of ideas. I think numbers do not lie, take a moment to think about it, think  of us being in different spaces and how they influence how we feel and think in that moment. Imagine you are in an exam setting and the types of feelings and thoughts you experience, these are not at the same as being at a party or with someone who you love.

I think the number three, which has been produced and reproduced over time has a certain kind of energy that is very vital in our creation process. If we meditate upon the number, we can consciously manipulate space to gives us what we desire. We are constantly manipulating space but we are not always conscious of this process. By aligning our physical, emotional and mental beings we begin to create miracles. Every day the sunrises and stands still at 12am then sets at 6pm, then we see it again.

Written by Lehlogonolo Modise