Our five senses work together in unison to create an overall human experience. Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful and is critical to our existence. What smells good to us varies from our different experiences in life but what we have in common is the effect a pleasant smell has on us, is that it makes us happy. Here are a few tips on how to pick a great scent this season.

Josie Thekiso is the owner of Beauty Splurge Fragrances and she shares a few tips on how to pick a scent that works for you. “I’m very passionate about smell because for me it adds on to image. I believe people should know who they are. The way you smell, speak, look and dress adds on to the essence of who you are, and I think people should pay attention to that.”

How to pick a scent.

“Think about your personality, pick a scent that works for you, whether you like fruity or demure perfumes it’s all about what works for you. I think it’s also about experimenting, women could also try the men’s side of perfumes and vice versa.”

How to Apply Perfume.

“When applying perfume the go to areas are your wrist and neck. Focus on your pulse areas, the aim is to let people know you’ve arrived by your smell, it should be strong but not too over bearing.”

Scents that are best for summer and spring.

“I think this season you should try look for something fruity and flowery, or try a combination of a little bit of everything. Try experimenting with smells to get your perfect blend.”

How to make perfume last longer.

“Apply it directly on to your skin instead of your  clothing, make sure that your skin is healthy and moist to lock in your scent.”

There you have it your spring and summer scent fix, apply these tips and keep yourself smelling fresh this season.