Broken pieces.


“If you don’t have a test, you won’t be able to have a testimony.” – Iyanla Vanzant

Sometimes we find ourselves fully immersed in our lives, on the fast track with everything running smoothly until suddenly all of that is interrupted and things fall apart. The abruptness of the moment is enough to leave most of us feeling devastated and helpless. It’s like looking at broken pieces of glass, it’s hard to see how it might ever come together again.

When things don’t go accordingly the way we planned them out, we tend to want to give up, because picking up all the broken pieces looks like hard work.When things fall apart we are faced two choices either we run in flight or we fight. For a lot of people the first instinct is to run because ultimately no one wants to take in pain, it is not a pleasant feeling. Not to mention the surrounding feelings around pain, like disappointment, shame and resentment.

The first mistake we make when things fall apart, is that we ask why. Yes, it’s important to try and evaluate what went wrong but when we don’t find the answers we tend to dwell on the brokenness. That stops us from healing and moving on.

We need to learn to allow ourselves to feel the pain and release the pain. Allow ourselves to go through it and start over, as heavy and hard as it might seem we must allow ourselves to be open to the possibility of being healed, whole and happy again.

When something breaks or falls apart it might be a call from the universe that there is a need for change, things are no longer in alignment and if we respond accordingly we will be lead to something greater and better. This relates to any sort of relationship or a journey we might embark on. We need to accept that in life we will come across many challenges and the best favour we can do for ourselves is to equip ourselves with resilience, perseverance and endurance. There is strength in vulnerability, embrace it, pick up the broken pieces and restore your life. Find your happiness.