After the weekend.



On a Friday morning you might wake up feeling the rush of excitement to finally see the week come to an end. As a student surviving and manoeuvring your way through the city, it gets tricky. You are faced with the reality of having to find yourself while the world around you tries to pull you in many different directions, and sometimes it can pull you as far as waking up the next morning passed out somewhere with an empty pocket and reliant on habits that you can barely maintain.

The world around you seems to be moving so fast, but you’re still steadily trying to find your feet. You try and find somewhere to belong even if that means putting on a front. So you wear that façade and join the masses as they march to drain bottles to their bottoms. The first two drinks take you to that happy place where everything seems a little bit better and everyone around you is your best friend and they deserve a round of shots on you. With that air of generosity the next person offers you a drink, a smoke or a sniff. By the time the night is over your allowance is non-existent and you have to head back to face the dreadful reality that you can’t unspent.

You wake up next to familiar strangers, your fridge is empty, your rent is not paid and your budget for the month is blown to dust – all in one weekend. You feel the cold harsh reality of your choices, but you’ll be faced with the same predicament the next weekend. The battle between reaching for that instant gratification and taking responsibility for your life. In our fragile state, It’s easy for it to turn into a vicious cycle of you finding yourself while fighting against yourself.

The reality of it is that at some point you will have to realize that you are responsible for yourself and your own well-being. Every choice you make is a reflection of your character, and each choice you make steers you to a certain destiny.

The goal is to enjoy your life while keeping in mind where you are in life. Don’t let the world around you blur the vision, if you fail, learn your lesson and grow. When you set out to enjoy your weekend – always act accordingly and keep the following question in mind. Who am I after the weekend?