Bending yourself.


The trick is not to bend the spoon but to bend yourself. Are we in the world or is the world inside us? We live in the world and at the very same time, we carry the world inside ourselves influencing how it unfolds. The inner and the outer worlds influence each other to various degrees, bringing different states of being that we experience. For instance what we see influences how we feel and think and how we feel and think influences how we see and engage with the world.

But how is this of any significance? And how does this link with the process of bending a spoon? By directly trying to bend the spoon a lot of energy is being dismantled. As we engage with the spoon, our bodies contract and relax allowing us to perform different activities that would result in the spoon changing from one state to the other. The problem with this type of transmutation from one state of being to another in my point of view, the process in itself to begin with it is not fluid, and organic therefore these ‘new’ state of being will still be that of the previous spoon just in another space.

In this space, the spoon will not be sustained indefinitely since physical energy is required to initiate the process of bending, yielding an endless circle which does not bring about ‘new’ possibilities of being. But if we bend ourselves then the spoon has to follow since there is a change in perspective. A change in perspective involves imagination. Imagination cannot be tamed, in itself, it is constantly perceiving other ways of being.

Written by Lehlogonolo Modise