Stay Prep Siya.


Siya Mkhasibe is a photographer and art director at Livity Africa and the co-founder of Black Easthete. This creative on the move is passionate about creating visuals that inspire people to see the word differently.

“I think what inspired me to do what I do was the fact that people are inspired by what they see, and I think it’s very powerful to be able to create something that might insite people to feel a certain way. I would encourage all up and coming creatives in the industry to continue to create. If you’re a photographer you need to do it, shoot everyday where ever and when ever you can. People find inspiration in the most weirdest and mandane places so you never know, you might shoot something that you don’t know or doesn’t quite make sense, but the minuet you show it to someone and they give you feed back you get to consider things from a different perspective, and that’s how you grow.My best advice to creatives is to always let your work speak for you.”

Find Siya Mkhasibe on:

Twitter: @SiyaMkhasibe

Facebook:  Siyabonga Todar Mkhasibe

Instagram:  stay_prep_sa